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Operational Management

  • Best Practice Analysis
  • Pre-financing Peer Review
  • E&S Due Diligence Assessment
  • Sustainable Finance Verification


ESG Strategy Services

  • Trend Analysis
  • Business Disruption and Impact Analysis
  • Adaption and Transition Solutions


Enabling Transition Support

  • Securing Business Culture
  • Transition of Experience
  • Enhancing Proficiency and skills


Operational management

The services within the operational management concept aim at strengthening the:

  • Understanding of ESG risks and impacts
  • Managing ESG risks through standard operating procedures and/or contractual terms & conditions
  • Monitoring that ESG risks are managed appropriately


The above can apply for your own organization, your project or as capital provider.


Based on the immense experience of E&S Due Diligence, we focus on areas material to your organization or the transaction in question.


International standards are applied for benchmark, including standards such as IFC Performance Standards, Equator Principles, OECD Common Approaches, OECD MNE Guidelines, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.



- Best practice analysis


- Pre-financing Peer-Review


- E&S Due Iligence Assessments


- Sustainable Finance Verification


ESG Strategy Services

The services within the ESG Strategy Services concept aim at strengthening the understanding of:


  • Developments of importace in the area of ESG 
  • Risk to the implementing your business strategy relative to key ESG aspects
  • Opportunites for businesses in sustainable finance and Green Transition


The above services apply to executive management, board of directors or managers of strategic projects.


Longstanding experience with well-tested concepts for examining the resilience of business strategies.



- Trend Analysis


- Business Disruption and Impact Analysis


- Adaption and Transition Solutions

Enabling Transition Support

The servcies within the Enabling Transition Support concept aim at strengthening the ability of your organisation to secure:


  • culture and experience of key staff
  • profeciency and skills 


Most organisations face the challange of dependency on key staff or key staff leaving the organisation. And most likely - you do not have 10 years to get new or more junior staff at the level of 10 years of experience. The service concept is based on accellerating gaining experience through an elite-development approach.


Profeciency and skills on the other hand is aiming at providing staff with profeciencies and skills in the area of ESG risk management aligned with international standards.



- Culture & Experience


- Profeciency & Skills




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